Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Late White Christmas

We had a late White Christmas this year. Out of NOWHERE we had snow, and lots of it. It was not forecasted and nobody was prepared for it (typical Portland!!). It started at about 2pm, I didn't notice it at first but Greg called from work and asked if it was snowing at home. I looked outside and I could see some tiny flurries floating around. Soon enough it was snowing pretty hard. I got on the news website and saw that 2-4 inches was predicted and called Greg back at work to tell him. He left within 20 minutes to come home and it was a good thing he did, the highway was a MESS after he got home. By 5pm the roads were a mess; no snow plows out because it wasn't predicted, and gridlock traffic. The snowplows couldn't get through all the stuck cars and the stuck cars couldn't move because there was too much snow!!! It took some people 6 hours to get home in a normally 20 minute drive. Most people ended up abandoning their cars on the highway and walking or taking a bus home. It was CRAZY!!!! I was so glad Greg came home early Phew!! The best part of him being home and not stuck in a car was building the snowman!!! I stayed inside because I was still getting over a cold-thanks Brookyln for coughing all over me when you were sick, it was so thoughtful. Seriously, she could not cough into her own hand, or elbow, it HAD to be right on me, on my shirt or in my face. To be fair she did have croup and it was awful, but she got better quickly, but we all got what she had. I ended up with an ear infection, I don't think I've had one of those since I was a baby! Thanks to antibiotics I was better within 12 hours. Now I know why babies scream when they have ear infections, they HURT!!! Ahhh, I got off on a tangent, oops!!! Snow, that's where I was.....
Boston enjoyed his first snow. He was still getting over his share of the cold, so he went out for a few minutes to take pictures, but I think he liked it. Of course I think he'll like it more when he's older and can play in it.

Brooklyn LOVED building the snowman with Greg. She was TOTALLY into it. She would have stayed out in the snow all night long if we let her. I don't think she expected anything to be better than building a snowman with her Daddy, until she got to come inside and drink hot chocolate with her Daddy. I'm not sure if we'll get snow again this winter, which will be just fine with me, once a winter is PLENTY!!! Don't get me wrong, I like snow, but I don't like to live in snow, there's a BIG difference!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009


Brooklyn was SUPER excited for Christmas this year, we had Christmas Eve at Grandma & Grandpa Koberlein's house. We ate lots of good food and made and decorated sugar cookies. We decorated the gingerbread house and Brooklyn probably ate as much candy as she put on the house! Once we were stuffed full of great food and treats we came home and Brooklyn dictated a letter to Santa, set out some cookies for Santa, carrots for the reindeer, and some milk. She was so excited when she went to bed. This is the first year she has been able to get really into Christmas and it was so fun to see that twinkle in her eye about her excitement. I can't wait for Boston to be this excited too!

Christmas morning was wonderful. We had Christmas at our house for the first time in about 5 years. We'd always been traveling or at Grandma & Grandpa Koberlein's house. We woke up, got ready to open presents and then went downstairs. Here are the kids in front of the tree before the presents got torn apart.

Brooklyn was so happy that Santa listened to her wishes for a Tinkerbell. Santa did even better ad got her a Tinkerbell dress and a Tinkerbell movie and a Tinkerbell coloring book!!!!! Now she can be Tinkerbell all by herself, wings and all! Boston got some boys toys, because we have a SERIOUS lack of those in our house and Santa just couldn't let a respectable boy play with girls toys!!! Instead of candy Santa brought Boston some "real food" and he tried applesauce for the first time and LOVED it. Some highlights of the presents were: Brooklyn got "running shoes", a necklace from Daddy, clothes from Mommy, a beautiful handmade sweater from Grandma Sorensen, a Barbie princess dress from G&G Koberlein.
Boston: Books, toys, "running" shoes.-Brooklyn calls anything with laces "running shoes"
Greg: Heart rate monitor watch, running shirts(Hood To Coast here you come!), ornament from Boston, Foo Fighter's CD, See's Candy from Brookyln (of course to share)
Heidi: $ for a carpet cleaner (AND I LOVE IT!!!), books, gift cards for clothes, family history from my Mom & Dad, a promise to build shelves in the garage from Greg.
It was a wonderful Christmas and we sure feel blessed.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Growing Boy!!

Boston is growing so much these days. Here is a quick picture of his first time having rice cereal. Despite what this picture shows, he liked it. I've actually switched to oatmeal though cause he is pretty gassy and it seemed like the rice made him even more gassy, we'll see if that works. He is getting close to sitting on his own, ever since we started him in his excersaucer he is sitting better and wants to do it more on his own. He can't do it alone yet but he is getting closer. He is also grabbing things and bringing them to his mouth a lot and he is licker, he licks EVERYTHING. I don't remember Brooklyn being so obsessed with her mouth, but maybe that's because she ALWAYS had a binky in her mouth!
So Boston had his 4 month check up last week. Here are his stats(brace yourself):

Weight: 18 lbs 15 oz. (Brooklyn was only 16 lbs. 14 oz) -Greater than 95%
Height: 27 1/4 in. (Brooklyn was 26 3/4 in.)-greater than 95%
Head: 44 cm (Brooklyn was 42.5cm)-90%
I'm afraid we have another monster on our hands! With Brooklyn I was able to put her in skirts when her pants were too short, but I'm sure Boston would require therapy later in life if I put him in a skirt. I'll just have to get creative, or maybe the man-pri's (capri's for men) will come back into fashion, or maybe not.....