Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hood To Coast 2010

Well it was Hood to Coast time again. We decided that this year would be Greg's year to run it, because when we got the team Boston had just been born and the idea of both of us getting our training in with 2 kids at home sounded impossible, and I must say, it would have been impossible. Greg ran with his best friend Peter and lots of Peter's brothers and sisters as well as his Dad, Uncle Mike and other friends. We went and saw Greg run his 2nd leg along Highway 30 and then we headed to the beach at a beach house to stay the night and wait for their arrival on the last day. Brooklyn loved to see Greg run because for so long we had been talking about "Daddy running his race". I think she was little surprised not to see more people in the "race", but they had such an early start time there weren't many runners along with them, which made the logistics nice, it wasn't too crowded at the exchange points. Here's the stud muffin running...

Here's the finish line at Seaside. While the 2nd van was finishing up their last legs, we fulfilled our Hood To Coast ritual by going to Piggin' Pancake and pigged out. It was super crowded but totally fun, I was kinda jealous I wasn't all tired and sore from running to deserve the pig out, but then When in Rome.....

These will be totally out of order, but Oh well..
This is the start line. It was really early morning when they started and it was super cold. Jimmy ran the first leg and I think he borrowed someone's pajama pants to wear over his shorts because he was so cold.

Here's Greg running with Peter. The van will usually stop part-way through a leg to water and motivate their runners.

Here's Greg again, he had his best year so far. He really worked hard at training this year to be faster and it paid off.

Here's the finish line again. They take professional pictures of the team that you can buy, but I had a good enough angle I decided to take a few pictures of our own. Of course the professional one wouldn't have the blue fence in the way, but it helps shield the view of John and Larry D's speedos. I think I'll keep the blue fence up....

Here's on the beach after they got their medal and pictures done. We stayed at the beach for a little while and then we had a big BBQ back at the beach house. It was kinda nice to be away from the crowd and be able to relax and sit and not get sand everywhere.

Boston was so proud of his Daddy!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brooklyn's Tap Class

Brooklyn got to take her first tap class this summer and she loved it. She had teacher Charlotte and I could not have asked for a better teacher. Brooklyn hung on every word Charlotte said and tried so hard to copy every thing she did. I was only able to go inside the classroom the last day of class and they had a performance planned. She did such a great job. She learned so much in a weeks she had the class. It was only for the summer but she grew so much. I can't wait wait until next summer to have the time to take another class.

I think she was the cutest girl in her class but of course I always think Brooklyn in the most adorable thing.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pee Wee Soccer

Brooklyn had her first soccer class this summer. She was the only girl in her class, but she held her own. She didn't quite understand that it was a team game and she would get frustrated every time someone would steal the ball and she would get upset when she couldn't score a goal. There were a few tears during soccer class, but she was not the only kid who cried. Her coach did a great job of helping the kids feel confident.

She learned some good skills along the way and loved to kick any ball she sees now and tell me she loves to play soccer. I think she'll be a good soccer player because her long legs will come in handy and she can run fast. We'll see if she has interest in it next summer again, I think her Daddy wants her to try basketball next.

I tried to edit this picture lighter but I'm in a hurry and not that skilled so, "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit" She was so proud of her certificate from soccer.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boston's Birthday!!

Boston turns ONE!!! I can't believe it went so fast!! Greg gets the kids balloons every year for their birthday and they LOVE it. This is Boston's first year of balloons but his reaction did not disappoint. He got so excited about the balloons. He wasn't quite walking by his birthday but he would stand up on his own and take a few tiny baby steps, but didn't have enough courage to get much further. The balloons really helped him get his confidence up. He loved standing and reaching for the balloons.

I love Boston's smile right now. He has 2 bottom teeth in the middle, 2 teeth on top on the sides and 2 molars in the back. No top middle teeth yet. They are ready to pop through I think but they seem like they are taking forever!! It's a good thing I think it's cute!

Boston loved opening his birthday presents because he loved to tear up paper. I think he didn't really care much for what was behind the paper, he just liked tearing the paper. I'm sure by his next birthday he'll be more interested in the actual presents and not just the paper.

Here's the birthday cake before he got his hands on it.

I expected Boston to just dive right into the cake like I thought any boy would do, but first he had to look at it...

Then touch it a little. He would touch it and then look at me like, "Is this REALLY ok??" I tried to encourage him but I think he felt like it was some kinda trick. He didn't believe that he could just go for it.

Eventually with enough encouragement and a few hand smashes into the cake he figured out that yes, he could touch it and yes, he could eat it.

I love seeing all this rolls hanging out!! He's so chubby and I love it!! Suprisingly he wouldn't eat that much cake, he was done after a few bites. I guess he's more of a meat and potatoes kinda guy like his Daddy.

This is the "Ok I'm done face"
He had a great birthday and I still can't believe he's one years old already! He's talking so much, most of it I can't understand yet, but he makes so many different sounds. He of course says mama and dada and baba and ba for ball. He loves to play catch with anything that resembles a ball. He'll throw it to you and expect you to throw it right back. At this age Brooklyn still LOVED her binky but he's not attached to it at all. Most of time he won't want it to fall asleep, which is awesome, but also he won't take it at church. He loves to shout in the chapel because he can hear his own echo that way, so needless to say we're in the foyer for most of church. He loves books, but doesn't have the patience to hear me read the entire page and he wants to turn the pages himself. He'll bring me a book, push whatever is on my lap off, plop himself into my lap and open the book, I'll try and read it but he's turning the pages too fast and then he's done and up off my lap off to get another book. He's such an active little boy too. Rarely will he sit and play with anything for very long, he is always moving form one thing to another and he loves to just follow Brooklyn around wherever she is going. He loves to get in the middle of her projects and make sure she knows he's there. For the most part she puts up with him, but she has her breaking point and will yell for help. They play pretty well together though.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Peach Picking

We went peach picking this August and scored some AWESOME peaches. There is this great farm called Josie Farms pretty close to us and we decided to go get peaches one day. It was SO HOT the day we went, and it was pretty windy, but a hot wind. We came away with WAY too much peaches because we couldn't stop ourselves from picking them, they smelled sooooo good.

We also couldn't help ourselves from sampling them in the orchard as well. They were so juicy! Boston loved them so much, he would get so mad when we'd pull the peach away to share it with Brooklyn. I think we all ate dozens of peaches in just a few days.

I ended up going back a few weeks later to pick some more for Hood to Coast desserts and I canned a bunch of peaches. Every time I pull a jar of peaches off the shelf I can remember how they smelled when we picked them. I'm not a huge fan of canned fruit, but these peaches are GOOD. Hopefully they will last through the winter until the peaches are ripe again. Mmmmmm peaches, I gotta go get some.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Boston's First Haircut

We took Boston for his first haircut on July 24, just a few days before his first birthday. I was getting a lot of questions if he was a boy or a girl (little do they know if he was girl he's have a gigantic bow on his head, I hate obvious questions by strangers, he obviously dresses like a little boy....) This is his before shot at Sport Clips. He had a free coupon, so why not use it right??

We learned if you give Boston a Dum Dum he'll sit pretty still, but if you take that sucker out of your mouth and it gets hair stuck all over it and Mommy has to rip it out of your sticky little hands, a meltdown quickly follows. BUT if you replace the dum dum with a fresh one, all is well. He did sit pretty still and we were able to clean up his hair, it was just so uneven. I kind miss the little curls, but now he looks 100% boy.

Don't you think so? He loves to get his hair combed, I don't know if he likes the feeling of it or looking at the stud muffin in the mirror the best. I think he's pretty darn adorable, especially with his new man-cut. I promise promise promise to get birthday pictures up this week, Boston decided to get 4 teeth all at once and he's been pretty obnoxious. He now has 2 bottom front teeth, 2 incisors, 2 upper molars and he's finally working on the 2 front top teeth. His smile looks pretty silly right now, good thing vampires are cool this year!

Friday, August 6, 2010

What I've been working on lately...

Here's a few projects I've been working in lately:

Fabric covered boxes
I used the Huggies wipes boxes, they are the perfect size and are super heavy duty boxes. Thanks for the idea Rachael!

Menu Board
This actually is hanging on the wall but the lighting was off so I put it on the counter to take a picture. You write with a dry erase marker and then wipe off each week. For the ladies in Aloha 2nd Ward, you'll be doing these at Enrichment in about a week! Thanks Maren for the idea!!

Still to of Boston's birthday. We are having some computer problems and I was lucky enough today to have the computer at home work, but too bad all the pictures are saved on Greg's work computer. I'll get to it soon.