Saturday, June 12, 2010

Camping at Silver Falls

We went camping at SilverFalls June 11-12 with our good friends the Tomlinsons. It was a last minute decision because we finally had a break in the weather and it was going to be nice on a weekend. We quickly snagged the last campsite reservation and off we were! It was BEAUTIFUL that weekend and we had such great weather. We hiked the silverfalls trails with the kids. We did both falls and decided the just hike the loop. It looped a lot longer than we thought and round trip it was about 4 miles!!! The kids did great though. It was a good thing I had put some Oreo's and graham crackers in the pack just before we left! That got the kids through the hike!

I love this shot even though you can't really see the faces. I can totally tell who it is, this is under the falls. It was so cool to hike behind the water fall. It was so loud and misty. I guess it was a lot bigger this time than other years because we've had so much rain and snow in the mountains and the weather is just getting warm enough to melt some of it. You could feel the power of the waterfall from behind it. It was incredible!

This is the 1st of the 2 falls. There is a bridge that lets you look at what you just hiked through.

Boston got a little wet but I don't think it bothered him at all! He was so good in his pack the whole time! A few Ritz crackers and a few peek-a-boo games is all that boy needs to stay happy!

Haleigh, Brooklyn and "Boy Taylor" taking a break in an old tree. This is about half way through the hike. The were such good hikers!

As the hike dragged on we took more and more breaks....

and there more and more sassy faces. I can just hear her say, "Moooooommmmmm not another picture!!!!"

Here's the 2nd of the 2 falls. It was so powerful!

After our long hike we went to the Day Use area, it had a great little swimming hole and we bummed around a bit. We ate lunch and then just let the kids play. Brooklyn and Haleigh played by the water for such a long time! The water was too cold to get in all the way but they loved splashing around in it.

Brooklyn and Haleigh catching a dog?? I think they were trying to catch bugs but maybe the dog looked like and easier catch!

Boston enjoyed the fun also, from the sidelines. It was a little too cold for him to get in.

Cheers!! Nothing like ending the day with a nice cold Root Beer!
We had such a good time! At the campsite the kids just played and played. It was such a good place to camp! We'll definitely be back again next year!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rockaway Beach

We went to Rockaway Beach with Judy. It was a GORGEOUS day. Brooklyn LOVES going to the beach and this was Boston's first time being at the beach and being able to touch the sand. It was still WAY too cold to swim in but we put our toes in until they became numb, and walked up and down the beach collecting shells and rocks. Brooklyn got so dirty but loved every minute of it. She dug a hole with Grandma and then sat in it to eat her candy. She played football with Daddy and Grandpa. I wish the weather was nice enough to go every day but we were luck enough to have it nice while we were there so I guess that is all I can ask for. I love the coast, it is so beautiful.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Aunt Judy came for a visit the last part of May and the beginning of June. It was such a fun time! Brooklyn would ask everyday, "What are we going to do with Judy today?" Boston of course was shy at first but warmed up as soon as Judy started playing catch with him. Boston LOVES to play catch. He's really good at it too. We went to the park with Judy and Brooklyn picked flowers on the way there for Judy. The weather was great and we had such a good time. Brooklyn loved that Judy would push her on the swings.... I always tell her I'm not strong enough and only Daddy can, or else I'm stuck pushing her the entire time we're at the park. Shhhh! It our little secret, I'm totally strong enough to push her.