Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun

Well I don't have pictures of the delicious turkey dinner but I have a few of fun times with cousins. Brooklyn LOVED having her cousins here, but especially Savanah. She loved having someone to play with that loved princesses as much as she does. Brooklyn was always Snow White & Savanah was always Ariel, and yes Brooklyn is wearing a super hero cape as a princess cloak. She makes me laugh! She has such a great imagination.

These girls spent HOURS being princesses. I don't think Brooklyn took her princess dress off the entire time we were at Grandma & Grandpa Koberlein's house. We basically lived there for a few days. We went home only to sleep and even then we took cousins home with us. Brooklyn went through some serious withdrawls when they all left. She was so bummed, and she still talks about Savanah.
Brooklyn's other most favorite thing at grandma's house is Tea Parties. She loves to play pretend tea party but she gets to do the real thing at Grandma's house. It was nice to have extra guests at the table this time! We had a great thanksgiving this year. Our anniversary fell on Thanksgiving this year. Yep, we've been married SEVEN years!!! Sometimes it feels like we've been married forever because life just seems to move along so fast and I can't imagine not being married or having kids, but then other times it seems like we've just got married. I couldn't imagine how different life would have been if my roomates didn't intentionally ditch me at the dollar movies so I was forced to get a ride home with the man of my dreams. He put his arm around me in the car and the rest is history! (and NO! I didn't ask them to leave me, they did that all on their own, despite what Greg thinks, I did NOT plan it!!) It's been a WONDERFUL seven years and am looking forward to seven thousand more! Love you babe!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Picking out the Christmas Tree

We went to our traditional Sleigh Bells Christmas Tree farm. It's a beautiful farm with LOTS of trees to choose from. There is a big hill to climb to find the best trees on the back side of the mountain (cause most people just go to the front side of the mountain). Grandpa Koberlein helped Brooklyn up the hill, or I think Brooklyn dragged Grandpa Koberlein up the hill!!!! She was so excited to pick out our three this year! This was Boston's first year picking out the tree. He did really well, he loves being outside walking around.

Brooklyn had to look at every tree on the mountain and especially liked the little ones. She would have loved to take all of the trees home but we had to decide on just one. It took some "discussion" about which tree was best and we finally chose on one. I think the hunt for the tree is just as much fun as finding the right one.

Here we are with our tree before we cut it down. Notice the "butcher knife" in Greg's hands. Thanks you Christmas tree for sacrificing your life for our perfect Christmas.
Here's the whole gang picking out the tree, minus Grandma Koberlein because she was taking the picture.

Greg did the honors of cutting it down, with careful observation from Brooklyn as you can see. She wanted to know the play by play of everything he was doing. She was such a great helper too.

Greg carried the wonderful tree to the drop off place, so they could shake it, and bind it up so we could tie it to the top of the car to take home.

While we were waiting for the tree to be done they have a wonderful Christmas store with TONS of ornaments and free hot chocolate and of course a wonderful Santa to visit. Santa was such a character this year and was very jolly. Brooklyn really liked talking to him and told him she wanted a Tinkerbell for Christmas. We'll see if Santa keeps his promise. Boston cried the entire time we were in line and about 2 minutes before it was our turn he fell asleep. Great timing for a picture I guess. I was stressed that we would have the classic screaming child with Santa picture, but it all worked out.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cousins and the ER

Well we had an adventure today. Why is it that ER visits and accidents happens more often when cousins are around? I'm sure it's the same way in other families right? Well we had a scissors "incident" tonight. Brooklyn and cousin Savanah were playing with scissors and Brooklyn ended up getting cut in between her thumb and index finger, on that skin that pulls tight when you flex your hand. We ended up going to the ER cause it was pretty deep and I was concerned that she couldn't keep her hand still until it healed. I've heard horror stories of waiting in the ER for hours, but this was not one of those stories. We waited maybe 5 minutes and they brought her back. She got to choose between blue or black stitches and she chose blue. She had everyone wrapped around her finger (or hurt thumb!). She told the registration ladies, "I have to tell you something, I have red blood" (putting at lot of emphasis on the blooooood). She also had the nurse Thom and Dr. Don melted pretty good. Brooklyn certainly does not lack any personality in a crisis situation! It was not a piece of cake, but she did get a piece of cake at grandma's house after we were done. It took only about 1 hour in and out, but it was emptionally exhausting. All in all, our first ER experience was not as tragic as I had expected it to be. I'm not saying it was enjoyable or that I want to do it again, don't get me wrong. I'll try and get a picture soon. For now I'm tired and want to go to bed.

Friday, November 20, 2009


SO...I won a trip to Disneyland over the radio!!!!! Can you believe it? This never happens to me!!! I heard about it on the radio 2 days ago and had Greg look it up on the computer and you had to set up an account with the radio as a "freeloader" and Greg wouldn't do it, so amongst eye rolls from Greg, I created an account and then entered the contest. You could enter 1 time per day and I only got 2 entries in. You were supposed to listen to the radio at 7:20, 11:20 or 4:20 to hear your name called and then call in before 10 minutes, 51 seconds (105.1 the Buzz get it!) Well I TOTALLY FORGOT about it, but at about 11:40 the DJ Sheryl called me and asked if I was listening to 105.1 cause the first contestant didn't call back in time, and they would be announcing the next winner in a few minutes, so I should listen......I thought, "Ummmm, OK I'll turn the radio on right now" I said I was definitely listening and then hung up, a few minutes later they called my name and I called back. I told her I was a TOTAL DIS-NERD and she laughed and said, "What is that?-I've never heard it before" I told her that basically I love Disneyland more than anything, I know all about it cause I Google it all the time AND I know all the secret stuff about it, she just laughed and then told me someone from the radio would call me later to give me the info. I wanted to cry on the phone I was so excited. Greg and I were talking about going to Disneyland in January but were trying to figure out how to make it affordable. Well, I found a way right?? Plane tickets, 4 nights at the Disneyland Resort and 3 days at the park is all paid for! I still can't believe this happened to me. I can't wait until we find out all the details, I have to fill out some paperwork and then Disney will send me the info on how to book. Anyone want to join us for a trip to the Big-D soon???? Is this really happening?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's Genetic

So apparently spilling your milk is a genetic trait. I used to spill my milk EVERY night for like a year straight. Brooklyn is on the same path I'm afraid. I remember trying so hard to be careful and not spill my milk that I would just end up spilling it cause I was so nervous. Hopefully she grows out of it sooner than a year, and thanks Mom for cleaning up my milk every time. Love you!