Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Boston's 9 month check up

Boston had his 9 month check-up yesterday and here are his stats:

Height: 31in. (greater than 95%)

Weight: 25lbs (95%)

Head: 47 cm (90%)

Believe it or not Boston is taller and weighs less than Brooklyn at this same age!!! I think he would have weighed more but he had a nice week long flu a week ago and didn't really enjoy eating. Also he is now 100% bottle fed (FREEDOM!!!) and it took him a few days to totally love it. He is completely crawling now. He was mostly crawling for a few weeks, but he just figured out the timing of his hands and legs and now get to where ever he wants to go, but crawling is really just a tool he uses to get to someplace to stand up on. I'd expect him to be a lot like Brooklyn, she crawled and then walked just a few weeks later. He loves to stand and loves to play with Brooklyn. He watches every move she makes with such intensity. I get a lot of comments while I'm out with him that he is such a happy baby, but I always have to clarify that he is happy when he's happy and he's MAD when he's mad. He's a good boy, we just need to work on sleeping, not eating, through the night.

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  1. Love the picture. He sure has grown some in the last month and a half. He will be a basketball player for sure.