Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun

Well I don't have pictures of the delicious turkey dinner but I have a few of fun times with cousins. Brooklyn LOVED having her cousins here, but especially Savanah. She loved having someone to play with that loved princesses as much as she does. Brooklyn was always Snow White & Savanah was always Ariel, and yes Brooklyn is wearing a super hero cape as a princess cloak. She makes me laugh! She has such a great imagination.

These girls spent HOURS being princesses. I don't think Brooklyn took her princess dress off the entire time we were at Grandma & Grandpa Koberlein's house. We basically lived there for a few days. We went home only to sleep and even then we took cousins home with us. Brooklyn went through some serious withdrawls when they all left. She was so bummed, and she still talks about Savanah.
Brooklyn's other most favorite thing at grandma's house is Tea Parties. She loves to play pretend tea party but she gets to do the real thing at Grandma's house. It was nice to have extra guests at the table this time! We had a great thanksgiving this year. Our anniversary fell on Thanksgiving this year. Yep, we've been married SEVEN years!!! Sometimes it feels like we've been married forever because life just seems to move along so fast and I can't imagine not being married or having kids, but then other times it seems like we've just got married. I couldn't imagine how different life would have been if my roomates didn't intentionally ditch me at the dollar movies so I was forced to get a ride home with the man of my dreams. He put his arm around me in the car and the rest is history! (and NO! I didn't ask them to leave me, they did that all on their own, despite what Greg thinks, I did NOT plan it!!) It's been a WONDERFUL seven years and am looking forward to seven thousand more! Love you babe!

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