Saturday, November 28, 2009

Picking out the Christmas Tree

We went to our traditional Sleigh Bells Christmas Tree farm. It's a beautiful farm with LOTS of trees to choose from. There is a big hill to climb to find the best trees on the back side of the mountain (cause most people just go to the front side of the mountain). Grandpa Koberlein helped Brooklyn up the hill, or I think Brooklyn dragged Grandpa Koberlein up the hill!!!! She was so excited to pick out our three this year! This was Boston's first year picking out the tree. He did really well, he loves being outside walking around.

Brooklyn had to look at every tree on the mountain and especially liked the little ones. She would have loved to take all of the trees home but we had to decide on just one. It took some "discussion" about which tree was best and we finally chose on one. I think the hunt for the tree is just as much fun as finding the right one.

Here we are with our tree before we cut it down. Notice the "butcher knife" in Greg's hands. Thanks you Christmas tree for sacrificing your life for our perfect Christmas.
Here's the whole gang picking out the tree, minus Grandma Koberlein because she was taking the picture.

Greg did the honors of cutting it down, with careful observation from Brooklyn as you can see. She wanted to know the play by play of everything he was doing. She was such a great helper too.

Greg carried the wonderful tree to the drop off place, so they could shake it, and bind it up so we could tie it to the top of the car to take home.

While we were waiting for the tree to be done they have a wonderful Christmas store with TONS of ornaments and free hot chocolate and of course a wonderful Santa to visit. Santa was such a character this year and was very jolly. Brooklyn really liked talking to him and told him she wanted a Tinkerbell for Christmas. We'll see if Santa keeps his promise. Boston cried the entire time we were in line and about 2 minutes before it was our turn he fell asleep. Great timing for a picture I guess. I was stressed that we would have the classic screaming child with Santa picture, but it all worked out.

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