Friday, November 5, 2010

First Love

Boston has a first love: Sarah, and yes he is proposing with a sippy cup. (I think she may say yes!) If it was still possible to betrove you kids then I'd do it in a heartbeat. Boston loves when Sarah comes over to hang out.

I took these pictures a few months ago, but that's how my life seems to be, a few months behind. I'm slowly working away at the to do list, so stay tuned for some more postings, but they will be back posted so my posterity will think I was on-time. Maybe we can use this picture at their wedding reception someday!!


  1. yeah...i want to see the flintstones!!! post halloween!!!

  2. I have been blog jumping today! So fun to see you at McDonalds the other day! I see on your favs you have Gourmet Mom on the Go. Mandy (Gourmet Mom) is one of my really good friends. do you know her?