Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hood To Coast 2010

Well it was Hood to Coast time again. We decided that this year would be Greg's year to run it, because when we got the team Boston had just been born and the idea of both of us getting our training in with 2 kids at home sounded impossible, and I must say, it would have been impossible. Greg ran with his best friend Peter and lots of Peter's brothers and sisters as well as his Dad, Uncle Mike and other friends. We went and saw Greg run his 2nd leg along Highway 30 and then we headed to the beach at a beach house to stay the night and wait for their arrival on the last day. Brooklyn loved to see Greg run because for so long we had been talking about "Daddy running his race". I think she was little surprised not to see more people in the "race", but they had such an early start time there weren't many runners along with them, which made the logistics nice, it wasn't too crowded at the exchange points. Here's the stud muffin running...

Here's the finish line at Seaside. While the 2nd van was finishing up their last legs, we fulfilled our Hood To Coast ritual by going to Piggin' Pancake and pigged out. It was super crowded but totally fun, I was kinda jealous I wasn't all tired and sore from running to deserve the pig out, but then When in Rome.....

These will be totally out of order, but Oh well..
This is the start line. It was really early morning when they started and it was super cold. Jimmy ran the first leg and I think he borrowed someone's pajama pants to wear over his shorts because he was so cold.

Here's Greg running with Peter. The van will usually stop part-way through a leg to water and motivate their runners.

Here's Greg again, he had his best year so far. He really worked hard at training this year to be faster and it paid off.

Here's the finish line again. They take professional pictures of the team that you can buy, but I had a good enough angle I decided to take a few pictures of our own. Of course the professional one wouldn't have the blue fence in the way, but it helps shield the view of John and Larry D's speedos. I think I'll keep the blue fence up....

Here's on the beach after they got their medal and pictures done. We stayed at the beach for a little while and then we had a big BBQ back at the beach house. It was kinda nice to be away from the crowd and be able to relax and sit and not get sand everywhere.

Boston was so proud of his Daddy!!

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