Friday, February 25, 2011

October 2010

Brooklyn got to go the pumpkin patch with her class and parents and siblings were able to come along. She had a blast! We took a "hay ride" out to where we could choose our pumpkins. Here's Brooklyn and Boston on the ride there. She was so very excited....
Here we are at the pumpkin patch. Boston was still a little shaky on his feet and the ground was pretty muddy so it was a messy adventure for sure. He loved it though.
They had a big hay stack to climb on, and of course Brooklyn wanted to go all the way to the top.
Here she is at the top.
She loved to take pictures in these things! She insisted I snap the photo, she thinks it's so silly.
Here she is with her teacher Ms. Filippone. She LOVES her teacher. She was originally with Mrs. Marek in the afternoon, but a morning spot opened up and we took it. I was nervous to move her because she LOVED Mrs. Marek, but I think she equally loves Ms. F now. She is a great teacher.
Brooklyn and Boston on the huge pile of pumpkins, it probably would have been easier to just pick one up from here, but I think Brooklyn and Boston enjoyed roaming through the muddy field. We had a good time.
We also had to go to the pumpkin patch with Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa so this is our second trip. The weather in Oregon was awful for growing pumpkins, so there was not much of a selection to choose from and I think they may have shipped some pumpkins in and laid them out in the field as if they grew them. Nonetheless it was still fun for the kids...
Boston had to pick up every pumpkin he could get his hands on. He would yell "baaaallll" and then toss them on the ground. Luckily he wasn't too strong to do much damage and most of the pumpkins were too big to actually pick up.
Boston roaming to find more balls to throw around. He loved being able to just roam around.
Family picture at the pumpkin patch, we were looking right into the sun, so pardon the weird faces. This was the best of the bunch...
Carving our pumpkins. This is Boston's first "cheese" face.
And this is his "super cheese" face. Imagine his saying "Cheeeeeessssssseeeeeee" cause that's exactly what he is doing. He loves to smile for the camera.
Brooklyn and Greg getting a little crazy with the carving. Brooklyn did not know there was a seed stuck to her forehead, she was just making a silly face. Of course I had to zoom in and take a close-up of it...
At this point she still didn't know. We had a good laugh when I showed her the picture of herself. She's so silly.
These are our Worm Sandwiches for dinner. Brooklyn got a kick out of it. She was a little hesitant about it at first but once we all took a bite, she knew it was safe. Boston's didn't care at all, as far as he was concerned, it was food and he was going to eat it.
Here's Pebbles and Bam Bam before we went out Trick or Treating. We had the idea to make Boston Bam-Bam for Halloween a few months before Halloween because everything in his hands instantly became something to bang around. Boston and Brooklyn are SO different. Brooklyn lovingly held her baby dolls and Boston will swing them by their hair and throw them cross the room. Every toy is tool and something to bang around. Of course if we had a Pebbles and Bam-Bam, we naturally had to have a Fred and Wilma...
So here's the whole Flintstone's crew. Yaba-daba-doo!! I must say, Greg is not one to dress up for Halloween, especially when it's a family theme, but he was a trooper this year. Brooklyn loved it, but it may be a few year before I can convince him to do it again.
I love his picture.... The kids had such a great time trick or treating. Boston figure out Trick or Treating quickly and would giggle everytime he score a piece of candy. It was pretty cute. Brooklyn loved running around with all her friends from the neighborhood. My favorite moment was when we went the "Super Green Environmentalists" house and he handed out boxes of raisins (I mean SERIOUSLY???!!!) and Brooklyn said to his face, "That's not CANDY, Mom this isn't real candy is it." I just laughed and said, "No, it's not real candy". He seemed really annoyed that she wasn't thankful for the juicy delicious healthy raisins and I'm sure the guy thought I was the worst Mom ever, whatever, it's Halloween, kids don't want raisins.

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