Monday, February 28, 2011

Our New Bed!!!- November 2010

For our anniversary this year we decided to build ourselves a bed. We have a Cal. King and finding a bed frame that is A. Affordable and B. Budget friendly is next to impossible. I've been looking for ohhhh, 7 years now? Well I found out about this website Knock-off-Wood where this girl takes furniture and designs plans for them and tells you exactly how to do it. Her website is now, if you haven't checked her out, you should, it's awesome. I have so many projects in my head I want to do. We did the PB Farmhouse bed. Thanks Boorens for letting us borrow some power tools! We did all the building on Thanksgiving Day at Greg's Parent's garage. They have a bigger space and built in baby sitters. Then brought it home to sand and stain. We got the whole thing built in one day, I'm pretty impressed with us, if I don't say so myself! This is once we took it home before we sanded it.
This is the foot board after we sanded it and before we stained it. Notice the paint rubbed off the wall? This is why we needed a headboard!
The headboard sanded and the side rail stained.
Here's the footboard stained. It took longer to sand and stain then to actually build. We were done within one week though, if the weather would have been nicer it would have been a lot faster, but we had to do everything inside because it was raining.
Here's the finished product! I LOVE it, even today when I walk in my room I still love it.
Another view so I can brag more. We did a great job babe! Happy Anniversary!
Ok last picture I promise. I hope this is the beginning of many projects to come. In total we spent $200 on the bed, a LOT less than the $2500 Pottery Barn wanted.

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