Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boston's Birthday!!

Boston turns ONE!!! I can't believe it went so fast!! Greg gets the kids balloons every year for their birthday and they LOVE it. This is Boston's first year of balloons but his reaction did not disappoint. He got so excited about the balloons. He wasn't quite walking by his birthday but he would stand up on his own and take a few tiny baby steps, but didn't have enough courage to get much further. The balloons really helped him get his confidence up. He loved standing and reaching for the balloons.

I love Boston's smile right now. He has 2 bottom teeth in the middle, 2 teeth on top on the sides and 2 molars in the back. No top middle teeth yet. They are ready to pop through I think but they seem like they are taking forever!! It's a good thing I think it's cute!

Boston loved opening his birthday presents because he loved to tear up paper. I think he didn't really care much for what was behind the paper, he just liked tearing the paper. I'm sure by his next birthday he'll be more interested in the actual presents and not just the paper.

Here's the birthday cake before he got his hands on it.

I expected Boston to just dive right into the cake like I thought any boy would do, but first he had to look at it...

Then touch it a little. He would touch it and then look at me like, "Is this REALLY ok??" I tried to encourage him but I think he felt like it was some kinda trick. He didn't believe that he could just go for it.

Eventually with enough encouragement and a few hand smashes into the cake he figured out that yes, he could touch it and yes, he could eat it.

I love seeing all this rolls hanging out!! He's so chubby and I love it!! Suprisingly he wouldn't eat that much cake, he was done after a few bites. I guess he's more of a meat and potatoes kinda guy like his Daddy.

This is the "Ok I'm done face"
He had a great birthday and I still can't believe he's one years old already! He's talking so much, most of it I can't understand yet, but he makes so many different sounds. He of course says mama and dada and baba and ba for ball. He loves to play catch with anything that resembles a ball. He'll throw it to you and expect you to throw it right back. At this age Brooklyn still LOVED her binky but he's not attached to it at all. Most of time he won't want it to fall asleep, which is awesome, but also he won't take it at church. He loves to shout in the chapel because he can hear his own echo that way, so needless to say we're in the foyer for most of church. He loves books, but doesn't have the patience to hear me read the entire page and he wants to turn the pages himself. He'll bring me a book, push whatever is on my lap off, plop himself into my lap and open the book, I'll try and read it but he's turning the pages too fast and then he's done and up off my lap off to get another book. He's such an active little boy too. Rarely will he sit and play with anything for very long, he is always moving form one thing to another and he loves to just follow Brooklyn around wherever she is going. He loves to get in the middle of her projects and make sure she knows he's there. For the most part she puts up with him, but she has her breaking point and will yell for help. They play pretty well together though.

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  1. My goodness! I can't believe I haven't met that little guy yet! He is so stinkin' cute!