Saturday, August 14, 2010

Peach Picking

We went peach picking this August and scored some AWESOME peaches. There is this great farm called Josie Farms pretty close to us and we decided to go get peaches one day. It was SO HOT the day we went, and it was pretty windy, but a hot wind. We came away with WAY too much peaches because we couldn't stop ourselves from picking them, they smelled sooooo good.

We also couldn't help ourselves from sampling them in the orchard as well. They were so juicy! Boston loved them so much, he would get so mad when we'd pull the peach away to share it with Brooklyn. I think we all ate dozens of peaches in just a few days.

I ended up going back a few weeks later to pick some more for Hood to Coast desserts and I canned a bunch of peaches. Every time I pull a jar of peaches off the shelf I can remember how they smelled when we picked them. I'm not a huge fan of canned fruit, but these peaches are GOOD. Hopefully they will last through the winter until the peaches are ripe again. Mmmmmm peaches, I gotta go get some.

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