Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Boston's First Haircut

We took Boston for his first haircut on July 24, just a few days before his first birthday. I was getting a lot of questions if he was a boy or a girl (little do they know if he was girl he's have a gigantic bow on his head, I hate obvious questions by strangers, he obviously dresses like a little boy....) This is his before shot at Sport Clips. He had a free coupon, so why not use it right??

We learned if you give Boston a Dum Dum he'll sit pretty still, but if you take that sucker out of your mouth and it gets hair stuck all over it and Mommy has to rip it out of your sticky little hands, a meltdown quickly follows. BUT if you replace the dum dum with a fresh one, all is well. He did sit pretty still and we were able to clean up his hair, it was just so uneven. I kind miss the little curls, but now he looks 100% boy.

Don't you think so? He loves to get his hair combed, I don't know if he likes the feeling of it or looking at the stud muffin in the mirror the best. I think he's pretty darn adorable, especially with his new man-cut. I promise promise promise to get birthday pictures up this week, Boston decided to get 4 teeth all at once and he's been pretty obnoxious. He now has 2 bottom front teeth, 2 incisors, 2 upper molars and he's finally working on the 2 front top teeth. His smile looks pretty silly right now, good thing vampires are cool this year!

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  1. oh my gosh! your guy is soooo adorable! what a looker!